Cruelty Free Hair Colour Update #3

Here is my new hair colour!

I asked for a pinky/purple and this is what I got! My hairdresser used olaplex to lighten my hair with the least amount of damage and then used organic colour systems to colour my hair! Organic Colour Systems is an all vegan and cruelty free hair colour! yay!

Its the cutest thing because this hair colour is a HIT with little swedish girls! ( I live in Sweden) They see my hair and they can’t help but tell their moms about it! That makes me so happy! I guess we all have a soft spot for pink! I can’t wait to see how this colour fades! I think its going to be a real cute pastel pink! x








4 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Hair Colour Update #3

    1. Thank you! I have a cruelty free channel on youtube called cruelty free sara. Either way, each blog post has a corresponding video/link to my youtube channel so you can watch them that way too to learn more about cruelty free beauty products!

      Your blog looks fab! I am definitely going to start following you! Thank you so much x

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