Eye of Horus Cosmetics Review

Eye of Horus always caught my eye with their beautiful packaging so after spotting them on beautybay where I frequently shop, I reached out to see if they were cruelty free.

Eye of horus were absolutely lovely and answered all 8 of my animal testing questions with ease. They then generously offered me a blogger sample pack to try. This made me a little nervous because I pride myself on being honest and a bit fussy. I didn’t want to offend them or offer them a good review for the sake of receiving free products. I decided to give it a shot and say that I was happy to accept as long as I can stick to my values and be absolutely honest.


IMG_2594_fotor Eye of horus said they were confident I would enjoy their products and that they welcome a genuine review. I agreed to accept their sample pack and I received a beauty box with 4 eye pencils, 3 eyebrow pencils, 1 liquid eye liner and a mascara.I was very surprised and super thrilled! That was very generous, considering they didn’t know me or that I had a youtube channel yet. I promised them a review in a month but now after 2 months later, here are my results! IMG_2616_fotor



Goddess Mascara


$34.95 AUD


Description from website: Uniquely formulated in the style of the ancient Egyptians with natural waxes and the revered Moringa Oil, found in Tutankhamen’s tomb. Ideal for sensitive eyes, Eye Of Horus Goddess Mascara strengthens and lengthens for Ultimate Goddess lashes. Natural based formula wont clump, run or smudge. Volumising, Nourishing and Paraben Free.

Shades available: Black

First Impressions: The design and look of this product (and the rest) is impeccable. It looks very luxurious and I love the sleek black packaging with the gold writing! Its exactly the sort of thing I am attracted to. I like the shape of the tube and the wand is a style that I recognize and enjoy. This style of wand is ideal for separation and length and this one is no exception. I liked this mascara more and more with each use.


IMG_1076 Verdict: I used this everyday for 2 months and the reason I was able to do that because I really enjoyed this product! I knew I had a good product in my hands instantly! The formula is the perfect amount of wet and creates natural volume. The wand separates lashes and pulls it out towards the sky! You can feel it in each coat! This is my new favorite! I also like how all their products have a pretty short ingredients list with nourishing ingredients.

NOTE : Complete your lashes in the first go and don’t come back to it again when its starting to dry! You might find that you end up sticking your lashes together, ruining your good work. When you push in with another wet coat, the parts of your lashes that are dry and wet get confused resulting in 100% preventable frustration. Work on your master piece and leave it the first time!



Ingredients: *Not* Vegan – contains Beeswax

Aqua (water), Acrylates Copolymer, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Cera Carnauba (Carnauba Wax), Stearic Acid, Rice Bran Wax, Candelilla Wax, Glyceryl stearate, PVP, Organic Moringa oleifera seed Oil, Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, Methylisothiazolinone, Carbon Black.

**Attention Vegans** : Eye of Horus is currently working on a vegan mascara that doesn’t contain beeswax. It will contain a variety of waxes from sustainable sources so stay tuned!



Liquid Define


$30 AUD


Description from website: Liquid Define glides on effortlessly to subtly enhance or create bold lines. Jet-black liner frames the eyes with perfect precision. Amazingly easy to use “texta” that draws a gorgeous black line on your lid, allowing for perfect creativity and definition. Dries almost instantly and won’t imprint on eyelids. Stays on all day or night.

Liquid Define in Black

Shades Available: Black and Babylon brown

First Impressions: The look of the product is just as sleek and gorgeous as the rest. I find this “texta” style of eyeliner really easy to use and I recommend it to anyone thats transitioning to liquid! Its alot like a pen that you’re used to using so you have complete control! You can take your time without the product dripping away at the tip! The color is jet black but I think the Goddess pencil in “smokey black” is blacker! However, the pigment of this is fantastic and the slim tip is great for working on your perfect flick and reaching the inner corner of your eyes!

……………….IMG_2322 IMG_1466_fotor Verdict: The main thing I look for in a liquid eyeliner is if it can sit on the eyelids with nothing else underneath! Many liquid eyeliners smudge during application or get all over your eyes after a few hours. My eye lids aren’t very visible and like to rub together so my eyeliners have to be strong and fight back against blinking and moving! This doesn’t smudge during application as it dries in perfect timing! Overall, eye lids shouldn’t be left greasy. Keeping it clean, priming and powdering is recommended but most days you just want to run out the door with just some eyeliner and mascara! The good news is you can! I’ve used this many times with or without primer/shadow and it has amazing staying power.

This is a picture of me after wearing just the eyeliner on my lids all day!


BEFORE: IMG_1529………….



I have worn this mostly on my bare eyes but if I am going out to a special outing then I always prime my eyes and wear eyeshadow. Then it lasts until I remove it!

*Tip* : As with all liquid products, if you don’t want things to bleed into each other, don’t apply wet things next to/on top of another wet surface. This liquid eyeliner sets but you’re not gonna have a beautiful strong line if you’re applying it on damp skin. Make sure your foundation/Moisturizer dries first, otherwise powder the skin around your eyes.

Ingredients: VEGAN

Aqua (water), Acrylates Copolymer, Butylene Glycol, Hydrogenated Cator Oil, Methylisothiazolinone, lodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Carbon Black



Goddess Pencils

$30 AUD

IMG_2876012_fotor IMG_2670 Description from website: Available in a rainbow of enchanting and enticing shades, Goddess Pencils is enriched with beautiful Botanical Waxes and Oils and boasts a natural and cruelty free formula which helps to nourish the delicate eyelid. Perfect for creating flawless definition, sultry smoky looks and eye popping colour, Goddess Pencils can be blended and shaded onto the entire eyelid or applied delicately along the waterline. Literally gliding smoothly onto the eyelid without pulling or dragging. Goddess pencils is truly waterproof once set and comes complete with a smudging tip to create the ultimate in smouldering looks.

Shades available: ** Received for review

  • Bronze Amulet ** – Metallic Copper/Bronze.
  • Scarab Sapphire ** – Indigo blue with satin finish
  • Smokey Black ** – Matte Black
  • Teal Malachite ** – Metallic Teal with a hint of pearl
  • Charcoal Obsedian – Charcoal grey with a hint of steel blue micro glitter
  • Emerald Tabula – Matte emerald (no shimmer)
  • Jewel Amethyst – Metallic deep purple with purple micro glitter
  • Lazuli Blue – Metallic Electric blue
  • Nubian Brown – Matte deepest velvet brown (no shimmer)
  • Serpian Sultry – Dark olive pigments/gold with green micro-simmer. Satin sheen finish



First Impressions: This product is double ended with a creamy pencil on one end and a smudging applicator on the other end. The colors are strong and true to the description. However, the smudger felt rough, and unlike a sponge. It probably isn’t one. Once you apply the product you have a very small window before it sets and becomes difficult to smudge. Personally I like to achieve a smoky effect with eyeshadows, then use pencils for bold color along the lash line. If I want to smudge anything, I usually turn to gels or creams that are softer so I have more control of where it goes. This being a waterproof and long lasting product means it sets quickly so even after swatching it on my hand, it became difficult to remove even with a makeup remover! This is actually good thing since you want your makeup to last all day (yes!) but a bit of a pain before bed. Anything for that long-lasting color!



Verdict: The pigment and color payoff is truly amazing. The creamy formula glides on effortlessly and is pigmented from the get-go. However while it is setting it does transfer onto my eyelids during application. As long as I wipe it clean with a damp Q-tip (followed by the dry end) then eventually the product sets and I am good for hours.


This is what it looks like after wearing this all day on my eyes without priming.


BEFORE IMG_1173……………



Even though some of my eyeliner transferred and on to my eyelids, you can still see the original application by my lash line. This is an amazing result (especially for my eye shape) to still see so much pigment after many hours! If I wear this with a primer/eyeshadow it does not transfer at all because my eyelids are then dry all day. Yay!

Top: Softly blended, Bottom: Applied strong

This is recommended as a primer for eyeshadows but I am not a fan in general of using eye pencils as an all over eye primer. The reason for this is because pencils are best at applying a concentrated narrow amount of product, rather than to be spread and softened. For this reason I always use cream eye shadows as a base, also they are easier to control! Also the smudger tip is quite rough and not the best match for a fast-setting eyeliner! I have had to tug and struggle with it from day one. These eyeliners will absolutely stay as part of my smoky eye looks but I will stick to using this as my strongest color on my eyelids!

Here is a smokey eye I did where I used the smokey black goddess pencil at the end of the process instead of in the beginning as a primer. I used it to add my strongest color by my top and bottom lash line
This way you get a nice transition. The strongest color should come from the most budge-free product!

My favorite thing about this product is that it actually lasts on your waterline! Countless makeup brands claim that their eyeliners are truly waterproof but nothing has come close to this! Perfect for tight-lining and having a reliable smoky eye that stays super smoky! LOVE!

BEFORE: IMG_2598 END OF THE DAY: (taken with my phone!)2015-04-30 22_fotor NOTE: One thing I found with this is  when I wear this on my waterline my eyes feel quite itchy at the end of the day. First I thought I was allergic to this product then I realized its because I wear contact lenses and my eyes get dry! The extra product on my waterline makes it harder for my eyes to hydrate so the combination irritates my eyes. So if you are a contact lens wearer like myself than you may need to keep your eye drops close! This will get rid of your problem and you can enjoy the best eyeliner for your waterline!






Teal Malachite is a great color, especially with my brown eyes! The contrast makes it pop! I’ve also worn this on the bottom lash line in my video. You can see how it matches the vibrancy of my sugarpill eyeshadow! Its that bright! Pop it on top of a dark eyeshadow to make it stand out even more!


Bronze Amulet is nice warm color. I am always looking for a cruelty free dupe for teddy eyeliner from M.A.C and this is better because you get more pigment out of it and its long lasting! You can do a day time smokey eye with this!


Scarab Sapphire/dark blue: I love dark blue eyeliners. They are so much more fun than using black all the time!


Smokey black is a must if you like things extra black! It will be your new best friend in no time! Tight line your eyes and do all things smokey and sexy with this! woot

Ingredients: VEGAN

Cyclopentasiloxane, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Candelilla Cera (Candelilla Wax), Isododecane, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Hydrogenated microcrystalline, Cera Carnauba (Carnauba Wax), Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Phenoxyethanol, Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil. May Contain: (CI 77861 (CI 77491 (CI 77499), (CI 77891, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite



Brow Define


IMG_2883_fotor Description from website: Our Ultimate Brow Define pen has a slimline pointed tip to contour and fill in your brows with controlled artistry for perfect arches. Add shape, colour and definition in one streamlined tool, and use the brush on reverse tip to shape for the perfect Goddess brows. The mechanical twist up, wax based formula of Candelilla wax and Coconut Oil never needs sharpening and once applied, stays put. The smudge-proof, long wearing pencil brushes and blends to deliver a stunning natural effect. Also including Castor Oil to enhance brow condition and growth.

Without the cap: Spoolie on the right, slim tip applicator on the left



Shades Available: 3

** Received for review

  • Husk ** – Light Ash brown


  • Dynasty**  – Medium brown


  • Nile** – Medium Dark


First Impression:  I was really surprised when this arrived because I had no idea Eye of Horus did eyebrow products. Turns out it just launched! Eye brows are my thing so I was pretty much squealing!  I LOVE this type of eyebrow pencil. A mechanical twist up! Before going cruelty free I religiously used M.A.C’s eyebrow pencil and the Kevyn Aucoin one in the exact same style and I almost cried until I found Anastasia Beverly Hills! Then I thought I had no other cruelty free options but boy was I wrong! Thank you Eye of Horus. I couldn’t believe my luck that I was given all 3 shades to try!

Verdict:  They are fabulous! Amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE My favorite out of all the products they sent me and honestly I loved everything. Good job Eye of Horus! No wonder you weren’t worried! The application is awesome; easy to define my brows and fill them in. Looks natural with fantastic colors. Stays put all day!  You will be happy to know that the slim line tip does not break off when you are working them brows. Woot!  Eye brows are my thing so this is going to be in my kit for sure! I have to buy the Dual Brow Perfect now! Not sure if its got a colored gel on one end!? I hope so because I’m mad about colored eyebrow gels!!!




HUSK: brow 1

This ash-toned color pairs beautifully on a minimalist day or for heavy eye makeup!


DYNASTY: brow2

Make a statement! I wore this on the heavier side so you can really see the color. Its a little bit more taupe/reddish in undertone than Medium Dark. However it doesn’t clashes with my ashy grey hair!


NILE:  dark

Looks rather similar to the Dynasty/Medium Brown but this is on the cool side.



How to pick your shade: 

Husk – Ashy light taupe. For medium to light blondes and all shades brunette if you like an ashier, lighter brow. This will suit almost everyone and is my favorite!

Dynasty – A darker tone brown with a warmer undertone ( more red ). Will provide a strong brow if you have a fair complexion

Nile – A darker tone brown for cool-toned brunettes (no hint of red). Will provide a strong brow if you have a fair complexion


So! Medium Brown and Medium Dark look very similar so here they are side to side!

Top: Medium Brown, Bottom: Medium Dark

IMG_2723_fotor The difference is so slight so if you have dark hair you probably can’t go wrong with either. Just know that Dynasty is warmer and Nile is more cool.


Ingredients: VEGAN

Soybean Oil, Coco-Glycerides, Polyethylene, Vegetable Oil, Zinc Stearate, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Coconut Oil, Mica, Polyglyceryl-2 Triisostearate, Ricinus Communis ( Castor ) Seed Oil



A coupon code! 

If you enjoyed these products as much as I did, I am happy to share their coupon code which gives you 15% off their Australian website. All you have to do is enter “Review” at checkout. This is not an affiliate program so I don’t receive a single dollar from you. Don’t worry about me and enjoy shopping!



Swedish Stockist

(Coupon doesn’t apply)



A big thank you to… 

A huge thank you to Eye of Horus who took my questions seriously and took time to get back to me. I am so happy to say that your products are excellent and I was more than happy with what I was given to review. I can see your passion for quality, ethics and design through the package you sent me, the products your fans/customers can buy and your excellent customer service. Thank you for giving me this unexpected opportunity and I look forward to purchasing more of your products and recommending you to others!


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