My Vegan Shoes

Here is my current collection of vegan shoes!


Vegetarian Shoes – Jeanette Boots 



Thoughts: I love these shoes and the zip detail on both sides. They are very cute and nobody belives me when I say they are vegan! The only negatives to these boots are that the bottom isn’t thick enough! I always feel the ground that I walk on so things like pebbles can be really annoying! For that reason, it hasn’t been my go-to ever since my collection has expanded! Its pretty good in the rain but don’t let it get soaked! It fits me perfectly but there is no space for thick socks. Its not very warm so don’t rely on it for the middle of winter!




Novacas – Strappy Shoes



Thoughts: These shoes are a pair of discontinued strappy shoes that are oh-so cute! Novacas means “no cow” in spanish. They have beautifully crafted shoes and I always enjoy their designs. These are very cute but made loud clacking sounds when I walked which was really annoying because these are so cute and comfortable! If they fix this design flaw, then its flawless!



Eco Vegan Shoes – Victoria Wedge Sandals in White



Thoughts: I loved these shoes the minute I saw them. They are even prettier in person! The wedge is quite high, the strap details are ace and the white part in the front is shiny which I really like! Only thing with these shoes is its not the greatest for long walks so take them for a short day/night out but not for a day of shopping! Maybe the wedges need to be thicker because they are sort of slim! Great brand though and they have fun colours for their fabulous walking shoes and trainers. PLUS great winter shoes!



Ethletic – Fair Skater Classic in Reseda Green



Thoughts: These are my vegan converse! LOVE THEM. The only downfall is that as comfy and as cute as they are, the sides start to wear off! I read about this on online reviews. Although this doesn’t bother me too much, it does give it a worn out look pretty quick if you wear them often! However the green color of the shoes wear pretty damn well and stay vibrant!

This company uses ethically sourced ingredients like their fair trade certified cotton from India and their natural FSC-certified fairly traded rubber from small farmers in Sri Lanka. Fairtrade substantially improves the lives of cotton producing communities.



Ethletic – Fair Trainer High-Cut Edition in Mandarin Orange



Thoughts: I love these high cut version! So so cute. Looks awesome with jeans. Just as comfortable as the other style. These ethletic shoes come in a variety of bright colours so there is a color for everyone! Best swap for a converse, a vegan, fairtrade kind! yesss



Vegetarian Shoes – Veggie Trekker MK4 in Brown



Thoughts: I moved to Europe the first year I started buying vegan shoes and luckily vegetarians shoes had me covered! Prior to these special shoes of mine, my feet were never warm and I struggled when the cold European autumn hit! These shoes are being discontinued (might only be for this color) but they have a variety of shoes for every occasion, whether is a dress shoe (although more officey) or boots! Boots, they’ve got lots of!

These shoes were amazing in the snow, the rain, anything the cold weather hits you especially with the insoles I bought from the store. Highly recommended!



Eco Vegan Shoes – Easy Walker in Black



Thoughts: These are the sort of shoes you want to buy in every colour, every style. They are such a favorite of mine because they are so comfortable and you can walk for ages in these! They look very nice too so I get compliments all the time. When I got my delivery they sent me a spare pair of shoe laces and insoles which was so nice! After a whole year of wearing them constantly, it was nice to feel like I had a new pair of shoes again!

Tip: They do a 50% off sale once or twice a year and I got them on discount so like their facebook and watch out for those!


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