Organic Colour Systems: Cruelty Free Hair Colour

Today’s blog post is about Organic Colour Systems, a cruelty free hair colour that is organic and vegan and very conscious about the planet and our furry friends!

I have been colouring my hair since I was 14. I always use professional services and often do different colours, have gone blonde and back and I just love to experiment! Although I’m a bit older now and choose to stick closer to my safe brown choices, I still love to do my hair and when I went cruelty free 2 years back, I realized that my hair colour and salon had to do the same. I wasn’t sure if there was a salon that did any vegan colours so I thought I would at least look for an eco friendly one. Then I found a vegan hairdresser in London and gave her a try.

The Rabbit Hole, London. Vegan Hair Parlour

and she used Organic Colour Systems and I was so excited!

Here are some key things about Organic Color systems:

  • Vegan
  • No animal testing
  • Huge the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and as little chemicals as possible
  • They care about the environment and source their ingredients ethically
  • Packing is all recycled
  • Ammonia free
  • Comes in 64 shades (salon)
  • Covers greys

Their environmental policy:

Their Animal testing policy:

A Note For Hairdressers:

My hairdresser has told me that you have to go through special training to be ready to start using these products in your salon but its totally worth it and you’d be so happy with how it performs! So as well as your hairdressing certificate, go and train with them and start using Organic Colour Systems!




My hair story: 

So when I went cruelty free, I stopped dying my hair for an entire year because I wanted to see if I could go natural (my hair is black) and just go cold turkey on using heat on my hair. Was a really difficult year and in that time I shopped around for possible eco-friendly salons that I could go to but then found Dory at the Rabbit hole in London. I loved her before and after’s on facebook so I made an appointment and came back with this!


A year without color, bleach or heat
A year without color, bleach or heat


2014-01-06 20.37.16
Cut my hair short and dyed it a glossy dark brown color

First time thoughts: My scalp didn’t burn from the dye, it was all very gentle and I was very impressed. Dory didn’t want to lighten my hair straight away, she’d rather do it in stages so thats why I have such a conservative colour on!

After this I moved to Sweden and found another hairdresser in Gothenburg who also uses Organic Colour systems and she’s very experimental and has different hair everytime I see her!

Salong Alexandra, Sweden: Organic Hair Salon

This was me just a few days ago in desperate need of touching up my roots! Previous color was of course Organic Colour Systems 

IMG_0350_fotor IMG_0480_fotor

And this is me currently March 2015

IMG_0613_fotor IMG_06130_fotor

I’ve been going for lots of browns and blonde highlights but this time I got a beautiful ashy brown colour. my ice highlights have a greyish tint in them. Its so beautiful, awesome job Alexandra!

I am very happy that I can stay cruelty free and colour my hair because I just don’t like my black hair. I don’t feel like me! I get my hair done every 6-8 weeks I am going to start posting hair updates more regularly. I tried finding good hair pictures of all my hair from the last 2 years but they just weren’t right. Maybe because I’m usually the one behind the camera! I really want more and more people to choose cruelty free products as a whole because nobody deserves to feel pain for our vanity, especially animals that don’t have a voice!

Let me know if you are a fan of Organic Colour Systems!


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